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Delete Internet History in Windows Registry

We delete Internet history, but these files are useful. While using the Internet, our typed URLs, user names, passwords, keywords, texts in fill forms, all get saved in some form in our system. Also, when we move between a website all the records are stored as internet history. Whenever we again visit a site visited previously, all the stored data is available so that we don’t have to type them again. This stored information is useful, but it can also choke the memory or compromise with the privacy. It can eventually slow the speed of computer. We should delete these files on a regular basis to avoid clogging of unnecessary files in memory. Internet history files can be manually erased but it is preferred to delete them by help of tools. History cleaner software can remove all the internet traces securely and precisely.

Internet history contains the list of addresses visited by the user, visit date and time. You can also categorize the sites by their name, address, and date. To view the list, click on ‘View ‘option in the Internet explorer menu bar. Then, click on ‘History’ in ‘Explorer’ option. History is displayed in the explorer pane. It can be categorized by date, site, most visited, favorites, etc. History files are located in folder User profile Local Settings History.

Windows Registry

Another place where the records of the websites are registered, is Windows registry. All the software, hardware, settings, etc. are entered in this file. Registry stores entries as keys and values. Keys are like folders and Values can be like paths. Keys can also have sub-keys. Registry has six root keys, that have sub-keys and these sub-keys have as many sub-keys as per requirement. There are two parts of each key – Name and Data. Name can have ” character and Data must be of the allowed data types.

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