From the first personal computer, for more than 30 years, the PC input method has not left the physical keyboard. The YOGA BOOK completely eliminates the physical keyboard, which replaced by the virtual keyboard program, Halo Keyboard. The so-called “Halo Keyboard” adopts the flat Gorilla glass on its surface and supports both handwriting and virtual keyboard functions. This is undoubtedly a forceful break through. And now, let’s check it in detail.

Design and Features

In addition, the YOGA BOOK is an extremely thin and light 10.1-inch typical two-in-one computer. The body weights only 690g and the thinnest part is at only 9.6 mm. Inheriting an exquisite appearance and the unique bracelet shaft design from the Lenovo YOGA series of products, YOGA BOOK can achieve seamlessly switching among a variety of modes. And I really like this design.

Coming with a full touch 1080P IPS wide-angle panel and the Wacom 2048 intelligent pressure stylus, it stands on the commanding heights of similar products. For this stylus, it can also be replaced with the ink refills. You can put the real paper on the screen for writing or painting as the writing or drawing can be synchronized to the screen. Even if there is a 20-page pad on the screen, YOGA BOOK can also provide a good identification.

Hardware Configuration

As for the exact hardware configurations, the YOGA BOOK is equipped with the Intel Atom X5-Z8550 quad-core processor with the Cherry Trail architecture quad-core design and the maximum frequency of 2.4GHz, 4GB DDR3 1600MHz memory, 64GB memory from Samsung, and the Intel HD Graphics (the 4EU minimum version). Since that the YOGA BOOK adopts an extremely energy-efficient Intel Cherry Trail Atom X5 processor, the whole power consumption is very low. As for the graphics, the 4EU minimum version is limited for intensive games but can completely meet the normal high-definition video hardware rendering and desktop graphics rendering. Of course, it is competent for some 2D page games and old 3D games. That’s just enough for common users.

In addition, the Lenovo Yoga Book comes with two cameras, the front (2.0 MP) and the rear (8.0MP), a Micro USB interface, a Micro HDMI interface, and a TF card slot, etc.


The Lenovo Yoga Book subverts user’s cognizance of PC with the innovative virtual keyboard. In my opinion, it would be a good choice for routine office work and school study.

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